36% of the nation's energy is used for building energy needs. If architects, engineers, and builders were to apply this one simple, costless principle, not only would huge amounts of energy be saved at peak-load hours, but building occupants would be much more comfortable.


As Tom Hayden said decades ago, there are no big bucks to be made in telling people to conserve energy [or face windows south.]  Solar utilization and energy conservation have to be a grassroots effort.  

You can help in that effort by passing this suggestion on to everyone on your email list:

"Check out www.awindowsouth.comYou don't have to add an attachment.  Note that there is no person's or company's name on this site.  This is not an effort to promote any person, just the idea.

Tell your real estate agent or builder that you want a house with south-facing windows.  Let everyone know, so that south-facing windows will become an option or standard for new houses, along with hot tubs or dishwashers. 

Tell your legislator we need laws to require south-facing windows, along with increased insulation, in all new construction. 
Schools and government buildings, and thus taxpayers, would greatly benefit from this suggestion.  By reducing building energy costs for heating, cooling, and lighting, more money could be available for educational and other public needs, or taxes could be lowered.

Utilities can increase their profit margin by reducing their peak hour loads.

If you think this is a good idea, help the effort by just adding this line to every e-mail:  "check out
www.awindowsouth.com "